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1493 Kč
1234 Kč bez DPH
Dostupnost: Skladem-dodání 2-4 dny
Part no.: GCDA
Kód produktu: 37713841
Popis produktu: DRONE ALFA The first drone in the Goclever offer! Fast, light and dynamic It is best to start your adventure with drones by operating light and dynamic equipment which may be easily controlled. The Drone ALFA model can move at the speed of as much as 30 km/h, and the battery attached to the set with the capacity of 730 mAh enables the flight of a length up to 10 minutes and the range to 100 m. The remote controller with a built-in LCD display enables constant monitoring of flight parameters and the calibration in real time of each of the four engines. Perfect size - not too large, not too small Size does matter, in particular in aerodynamics. It is also the case of Goclever drones. The Drone ALFA model has been specially designed to combine the most important characteristics: small size and stability. The size 36x36 cm enables flights both in the trees as well as in narrow corridors, and at the same time providing an unusual precision of control and the stability of the flight known only in the large structures. Stable the flight, adjusted to the skills The device is equipped with a 6-axial gyroscope that guarantees a flying stability even during small gusts of wind. Thanks to this device, the users of drones may compete in flying acrobatics and precision flights. For precision flights the manufacturer has provided a 4 channel calibration, which enables a micro-adjustment of each of engine, so that under any conditions the drone will behave in a manner that its pilot expects. Development of flying skills The drone has as many as four modes of control sensitivity (40%, 60%, 80% and 100%) that enable to adjust the flight parameters to the force of the wind and pilot skills. The mode 40% is recommended for learning to fly for beginners on the first days from the beginning of the adventure with our drones. Experienced pilots also use this mode to show their skills in precise flights. Along with the growing experience we recommend an increase of flight sensitivity from 40% to 80%. The speed of the flight will increase, the drone will become even more agile. The modes of increased sensitivity are also recommended for flights during gusts of wind, controlling the drone is easier at that time. After switching on the last mode: 100% the drone gains a very large agility and can be used for amateur races and to present the previously acquired skills. Exceptional functions and their application. 360 degrees turnover The skyward flights are not only races between obstacles, precision flights, but also acrobatics. The flight controller (automatic pilot) located inside evry drone has the capability of 360 acrobatics. After pressing the appropriate button on the remote control and the selection of direction, the drone shall execute a spectacular rotation around its own axis, which will surely attract the attention of persons nearby. Intuitive control The activation of the simplified orientation mode will allow an untroubled control of the drone regardless of its location. This means that the drone directed with the joystick to the left or right will fly in the required direction. The navigation of the drone in this mode is extremely easy. This functionality enables the making a "doughnut" with a simultaneous flight in one direction without any problem. The function of an automatic return to the place of start the button of return of the device to the place of start is also useful, in case of loss of control over the drone. Despite the fact that the device is not equipped with a positioning system (GPS, GLONASS), the autopilot will attempt to specify the place, from which the pilot started the flight. Accessories and safety The drone is equipped with propeller guards (they can be installed independently), which prolong the life of the propellers, protecting them against breaking. A useful addition are 4 spare propellers. This solution will be appreciated by the user experiencing unplanned collisions with e.g. trees during the first flights. Spare propellers will also be a perfect addition for the advanced pilots who participate in drone races, where the priority is the dynamics and the speed of the flight without additional guards. Evening flight - 12 LED diodes Rich set of accessories The set includes a spare set of propellers, propeller guards and tools permitting their replacement, a drone battery charger. Technická specifikace: Gyroskop: 6-osý Délka letu: až 10 minut Kamera: Ne FPV (Přenos obrazu z kamery do telefonu): Ne Frekvence: 2,4 GHz Vrtule: 4 ks (+4 náhradní) Baterie: 730 mAh, Li-Pol Dosah ovládání: až 100 metrů Doba nabíjení: cca 50 min Dálkové ovládání: 4 kanály 2.4 GHz dálkové ovládání s informačním LCD displejem. Napájení 6x AA 1,5V baterie. (baterie nejsou obsahem balení) Podsvícení: LED (zelená, červená) Další vlastnosti: akrobacie 360° , tlačítko pro přistání, "bezhlavý" režim Podpora ovládání přes mobil: Ne Rozměry: 36 cm x 36 cm x 8,5 cm Obsah balení: Drone Alfa, nabíječka baterie, baterie 730 mAh, chránič vrtule, šroubovák a šroubky, dokumentace.