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GOCLEVER Drone Voyager

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1540 Kč
1273 Kč bez DPH
Dostupnost: Skladem-dodání 2-4 dny
Kód produktu: 40436396
Popis produktu: DRONE VOYAGER Top quality entertainment – A light, very durable and stable drone with a camera from Goclever! Start your adventure with drones from this light and dynamic equipment which you can easily control. VOYAGER can move at the speed of up to 30 km/h and the attached 600 mAh battery enables flights lasting up to 8 minutes and within the range of up to 80 m. The remote control makes it possible to calibrate each of the four engines in real time and control the camera installed in the drone.
Perfect size - not too big, not too small Size matters, in particular in aerodynamics. This is true also in the case of drones from GOCLEVER. VOYAGER's design combines the most important features: small size and stability. Its size,41x41 cm, makes it possible to fly both between trees and in narrow corridors at the same time providing an unusual precision of control and stability known only from larger devices. The propeller's shields are a uniform structure made from durable materials. Due to its small weight, the drone is very agile, and its great strength is enough not to be afraid in the case of an unplanned collision with other objects.
Stable flight - adjusted to your skills The device is equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope that guarantees the stability of flight even in small gusts of wind. Thanks to this device, the users of drones from GOCLEVER may compete in flight stunts and precision flights. For precision flights, the manufacturer has provided a 4 channel calibration which makes it possible to micro-adjust each engine for the drone to behave in the manner expected by its pilot under any conditions.
Developing your flying skills The drone has three control sensitivities (25%, 50% and 100%) that allow you to adjust the flight parameters to the strength of wind and the pilot's skills. The 25% mode is recommended for teaching how to fly for beginners in the first days of the adventure with our drones. Experienced pilots may also use this mode to demonstrate their skills in precision flights. As you become more experienced, we recommend increasing the sensitivity of flight from 25% to 50%. The speed of flight will increase, and the drone will become more agile. Increased sensitivity modes are also recommended for flights during gusts of wind. It is easier to control the drone then. After the last mode is activated: 100%, the drone becomes extremely agile and may be used for amateur races and to present the skills obtained so far.
360° rotation Flights are not only races between obstacles and precision flights, but also stunts. The flight controller (automatic pilot) found inside each VOYAGER may perform 360 stunts. After pressing an appropriate button on the pilot and choosing the direction, the drone makes a spectacular rotation around its axis, which will certainly attract the attention if bystanders.
Document each flight The VOYAGER's camera module makes it possible to record movies and make series of photographs. You may control it via the remote control and it is the user that decides when is the best moment to take the photograph and when to record a movie. The camera has a slot for micro-SD memory cards (2GB to 32GB).
Evening flights - 9 LEDs The VOYAGER has 9 LEDs (2 at each engine and one at the front, illuminating the area in front of the camera). They enable good orientation in the field and make it possible to quickly locate the device. They will be particularly useful in flights at weak lighting (a perfect solution for the autumn and the winter).
Accessories and safety The VOYAGER drone comes with a spare set of propellers (4 pcs.) and a VGA camera equipped with a 2GB micro-SD memory card (the camera supports memory cards 2GB to 32GB). The propeller's shields are a uniform structure made from durable materials. Due to its small weight, the drone is very agile, and its great strength is enough not to be afraid in the case of an unplanned collision with other objects. 4 spare propellers found in the set are a useful accessory. This solution will be appreciated by users who take part in unplanned collisions, e.g. with a tree, during their first flights.
Technická specifikace: Gyroskop: 6-osý Délka letu: až 8 minut Kamera: VGA (pouze video), ukládání na micro SD kartu FPV (Přenos obrazu z kamery do telefonu): Ne Frekvence: 2,4 GHz Vrtule: 4 ks (+ 4 náhradní) Baterie: 600 mAh, Li-Pol Dosah ovládání: až 80 metrů Doba nabíjení: cca 50 min (jedné baterie) Dálkové ovládání: 4 kanály, napájení 4x AA 1,5V baterie. (baterie nejsou obsahem balení) Podsvícení: 9 LED (modrá, červená, bílá) Další vlastnosti: akrobacie 360° , rychlostní módy Podpora ovládání přes mobil: Ne Podpora aplikací v mobilu: Ne Rozměry: 41 x 41 x 8 cm Obsah balení: Drone VOYAGER, kamera VGA, 2 GB micro SD karta, nabíječka baterií, baterie 600 mAh, náhradní vrtule, dokumentace