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8GB INDUSTRIAL CF 100X (Fixed disk and UDMA mode)

8GB INDUSTRIAL CF 100X (Fixed disk and UDMA mode)
3454 Kč
2855 Kč bez DPH
Dostupnost: Nedostupné
Part no.: TS8GCF100I
Kód produktu: 14097403
Výrobce: Transcend
Váha: 0,019
Kalkulačka splátek CETELEM
Kup teď 345,- Později 10 splátek
Popis produktu: Transcend's Industrial CF cards are specially designed to meet the strict demands of high-end equipment and machines that run at extreme temperatures. The operating temperature range of Industrial CF cards is much better than normal CF cards, with full functionality down to -40oC and as hot as 85oC (normal CF Cards are only rated at -25oC to 85oC). Aside from their excellent temperature flexibility, these cards are exceptionally resistant to shock, vibration and dust, while consuming less power and maintaining ultra fast data transfer speeds. Their superb compatibility and durability makes them suitable for use in standard PCMCIA-ATA equipped devices such as industrial PCs, embedded systems, medical instruments, factory automation systems, network infrastructures and other industrial equipment. In addition, Industrial CF cards can even be used as bootable disks in place of conventional hard drives that cannot withstand the harsh conditions of an industrial environment.
Transcend uses SLC (Single-Level-Cell) NAND Flash chips in its industrial CF cards to assure the highest level of quality, durability, and long-lasting data retention. The Ultra Speed card supports Ultra-DMA modes 0-4 and dual channel operation to ensure maximum compatibility at the highest speeds possible. Transcend's Industrial CF cards achieve extraordinary average read/write speeds of up to 42MB/30MB per second while maintaining industrial-grade stability. With its built-in Error Correction Code (ECC) to ensure data accuracy, resistance to severe conditions and superb transfer performance, the Ultra Speed Industrial CF card clearly lives up to its name.

Product Type Flash memory card
Storage Capacity 8GB
Width 42.8 mm
Depth 36.4 mm
Height 3.3 mm
Weight 11.4 g
Compatibility Non-specific


Speed Rating 100x
Form Factor CompactFlash Card
Technology SLC NAND Flash
Supply Voltage 3.3 / 5 V
Features Fixed Disk Mode, ECC support, UDMA Mode