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GEMBIRD Přepěťová ochrana,1,8m program. LAN

GEMBIRD Přepěťová ochrana,1,8m program. LAN
1994 Kč
1648 Kč bez DPH
Dostupnost: Skladem-dodání 2-4 dny
Part no.: EG-PMS2-LAN
Kód produktu: 27995734
Výrobce: GEMBIRD
Záruka: 24 měsíců
Popis produktu: EG-PMS2-LAN is an advanced surge protector with power management features. It is possible to individually switch 4 sockets on or off manually via your local network or Internet, by timer schedule, or by programmable special events (eg: switch on my scanner whenever I start Photoshop, or have my printer switched on only when I really print). With your free personal user account on you can manage your EG-PMS2-LAN via Internet from all over the world, even with your smartphone. Stay in control of all your electrical devices at home or in the office Program four sockets individually via LAN or Internet Switch electric devices on or off with your smartphone, wherever you are Protect your valuable equipment An advanced standby-killer for computer peripherals Perfect solution for security systems , sauna , aquariums, pet habitats, etc.
Features: Switch individual sockets on/off manually from your computer Switch individual sockets on/off by a programmable timer schedule Switch individual sockets on/off whenever a certain software event occurs (e.g. Windows/other software start-up/shutdown, print spooler starting and finishing its job, etc) Because of the LAN interface and the built-in web-server, EG-PMS2-LAN can be accessed from any computer within your local network (via an Internet browser or Power manager software) It is also possible to assign an external IP-address to EG-PMS2-LAN, to enable worldwide remote access via the Internet No external IP-address at home? No problem. Create your own user account on to manage your EG-PMS2-LAN via Internet with any PC or smartphone. Switching on your coffee maker before setting off for home becomes a reality. IP-filter 64-bit password protected data encryption guarantees secure Internet access to EG-PMS2-LAN EG-PMS2-LAN has a built-in battery for the timer schedule, so the timer schedule remains active even when EG-PMS2-LAN is temporarily turned off. Specifications Input voltage: up to 250 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz Maximum load current: 10A Maximum power consumption: 2.5 W Built-in power supply Power cord: 1.8 m Surge protection: Type3, Up=1.2KV for L-N, Uoc=4KV for L-N Uo=230V Uc=250V Ucs=1.1X230V=253V Hardware schedule possibilities: Maximum number of independent hardware schedule events – 45 per socket Time setting accuracy in seconds Combine periodical and once events Timer accuracy: not more than 2 seconds error per day in case that power is always present. Otherwise there can be an additional up to 2 seconds error per each "power off" Indoor use only Dimensions: 378 x 98 x 55 mm Net weight: up to 1 kg System requirements Local area network with RJ45 sockets Any Internet-enabled computer connected to the local area network Computer running Windows 2000/XP/Vist/Windows 7/8 is required for using the Power Manager software (use of this software is not compulsory) Package contents EG-PMS2-LAN User manual and Quick installation guide RJ45 cross-over cable (red), RJ45 LAN cable (grey) CD with Power Manager software for Windows