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HP E8206 zl Switch with Premium Software

HP E8206 zl Switch with Premium Software
174813 Kč
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Routery a switche
Dostupnost: Nedostupné
Part no.: J9640A
Kód produktu: 10527091
Výrobce: Hewlett-Packard
Záruka: 99 měsíců
Kalkulačka splátek CETELEM
Kup teď 17481,- Později 10 splátek
Popis produktu: The HP E8200 zl Switch Series offers high performance, scalability, and a wide range of features in a high-availability platform that dramatically reduces complexity and provides reduced cost of ownership. As part of a unified wired and wireless network infrastructure solution, the E8200 zl series provides platform technology, system software, system management, application integration, wired and wireless integration, network security, and support that are common across the HP E Series of modular and fixed-port switches. Together, they deliver an agile, cost-effective, high-availability network solution. With key technologies to provide solution longevity, the E8200 zl switch series is built to deliver long-term investment protection without added complexity for network core, aggregation, and high-availability access layer deployments. It provides these capabilities while bringing to market the industry's first highly available switch with a lifetime warranty.
Included accessories 1 HP ProCurve Switch 8200zl Management Module (J9092A) 2 HP ProCurve Switch 8200zl Fabric Module (J9093A) 1 HP E8200 zl System Support Module (J9095A) 1 HP E8200 zl Switch Premium License (J9474A)
Ports 6 open module slots Supports a maximum of 144 autosensing 10/100/1000 ports or 48 10-GbE ports or 144 mini-GBICs, or a combination
Power supplies 2 power-supply slots 1 minimum power-supplies required (ordered separately)
Physical characteristics Dimensions 17.49(d) x 17.42(w) x 10.35(h) in. (44.42 x 44.25 x 26.29 cm) (6U height) Weight 48.1 lb. (21.82 kg)
Memory and processor Gigabit Module ARM9 @ 200 MHz; packet buffer size: 144 Mb QDR SDRAM 10G Module ARM9 @ 200 MHz; packet buffer size: 36 Mb QDR SDRAM Management Module Freescale PowerPC 8540 @ 666 MHz, 4 MB flash, 128 MB compact flash, 256 MB DDR SDRAM
Mounting Mounts in EIA-standard 19 in telco rack/equipment cabinet (hardware included); horizontal surface mounting only. Optional 4-post cabinet rail is available (see ordering guide).
Performance 1000 Mb Latency lt; 3.7 µs (FIFO 64-byte packets) 10 Gbps Latency lt; 2.1 µs (FIFO 64-byte packets) Throughput up to 369.6 million pps Routing/Switching capacity 496.8 Gbps Switch fabric speed 561.6 Gbps Routing table size 10,000 entries MAC address table size 64,000 entries
Environment Operating temperature 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C) Operating relative humidity 15% to 95% @ 131°F (55°C), non-condensing Non-operating / Storage temperature -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C) Non-operating / Storage relative humidity 15% to 95% @ 149°F (65°C), non-condensing Altitude up to 10,000 ft. (3 km) Acoustic Power: 60.0 dB, Pressure: 41.3 dB; ISO 7779, ISO 92
Electrical characteristics Achieved Miercom Certified Green Award* * Products within this series have achieved sufficient scores in each of the rated criteria to achieve the Miercom Certified Green distinction Award. See the Specifications section of this series for more information. Description Chassis ships without power supplies. Two power supply slots are available; three different power supplies are available. See power supply products for additional specifications. Maximum heat dissipation 2450 BTU/hr (2584.75 kJ/hr), (max. non-PoE); 3,700 BTU/hr (3,903 kJ/hr) (max. PoE) Voltage 100-127 / 200-240 VAC Frequency 50 / 60 Hz Notes Power supplies must be ordered separately. A minimum of two J8712A, J8713A, or J9306A supplies are required to power the system.
Safety CSA 22.2 No. 60950; UL 60950; IEC 60950; EN 60950; IEC 60825
Emissions FCC Class A; FCC part 15 Class A; ICE-003, Canadian Radio Interface Regulation; VCCI Class A; EN 55022/CISPR 22 Class A
Immunity EN EN 55024, CISPR 24 ESD IEC 61000-4-2; 4 kV CD, 8 kV AD Radiated IEC 61000-4-3; 3 V/m EFT/Burst IEC 61000-4-4; 1.0 kV (power line), 0.5 kV (signal line) Surge IEC 61000-4-5; 1 kV/2 kV AC Conducted IEC 61000-4-6; 3 V Power frequency magnetic field IEC 61000-4-8; 1 A/m, 50 or 60 Hz Voltage dips and interruptions IEC 61000-4-11; gt;95% reduction, 0.5 period; 30% reduction, 25 periods Harmonics EN 61000-3-2, IEC 61000-3-2 Flicker EN 61000-3-3, IEC 61000-3-3
Management HP PCM+; HP PCM (included); command-line interface; Web browser; configuration menu; out-of-band management (serial RS-232C)
Notes Interface/Service modules, power supplies, and redundant management module must be ordered separately. RS-232C console port via an RJ-45 connector. When using mini-GBICs with this product, mini-GBICs with revision "B" or later (product number ends with the letter "B" or later, for example, J4858B, J4859C) are required.
Services 3-year, 4-hour onsite, 13x5 coverage for hardware (UT012E) 3-year, 4-hour onsite, 24x7 coverage for hardware (UT013E) 3-year, 4-hour onsite, 24x7 coverage for hardware, 24x7 software phone support (UT014E) 3-year, 24x7 SW phone support, software updates (UT015E) Installation with minimum configuration, system-based pricing (U4828E) Installation with HP-provided configuration, system-based pricing (U4832E) 4-year, 4-hour onsite, 13x5 coverage for hardware (UT016E) 4-year, 4-hour onsite, 24x7 coverage for hardware (UT017E) 4-year, 4-hour onsite, 24x7 coverage for hardware, 24x7 software phone (UT018E) 4-year, 24x7 SW phone support, software updates (UT019E) 5-year, 4-hour onsite, 13x5 coverage for hardware (UT020E) 5-year, 4-hour onsite, 24x7 coverage for hardware (UT021E) 5-year, 4-hour onsite, 24x7 coverage for hardware, 24x7 software phone (UT022E) 5-year, 24x7 SW phone support, software updates (UT023E) 3 Yr 6 hr Call-to-Repair Onsite (UW335E) 4 Yr 6 hr Call-to-Repair Onsite (UW336E) 5 Yr 6 hr Call-to-Repair Onsite (UW337E)
Refer to the HP website at: for details on the service-level descriptions and product numbers. For details about services and response times in your area, please contact your local HP sales office.
Standards and protocols (applies to all products in series) Device management RFC 1591 DNS (client) HTML and telnet management General protocols IEEE 802.1ad Q-in-Q (Premium License) IEEE 802.1AX-2008 Link Aggregation IEEE 802.1D MAC Bridges IEEE 802.1p Priority IEEE 802.1Q VLANs IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Trees IEEE 802.1v VLAN classification by Protocol and Port IEEE 802.1w Rapid Reconfiguration of Spanning Tree IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3x Flow Control RFC 768 UDP RFC 783 TFTP Protocol (revision 2) RFC 792 ICMP RFC 793 TCP RFC 826 ARP RFC 854 TELNET RFC 868 Time Protocol RFC 951 BOOTP RFC 1058 RIPv1 RFC 1350 TFTP Protocol (revision 2) RFC 1519 CIDR RFC 1542 BOOTP Extensions RFC 2030 Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) v4 RFC 2131 DHCP RFC 2453 RIPv2 RFC 2548 (MS-RAS-Vendor only) RFC 3046 DHCP Relay Agent Information Option RFC 3576 Ext to RADIUS (CoA only) RFC 3768 VRRP (Premium License) RFC 4675 RADIUS VLAN amp; Priority UDLD (Uni-directional Link Detection) IP multicast RFC 3376 IGMPv3 (host joins only) RFC 3973 Draft 2 PIM Dense Mode (Premium License) RFC 4601 Draft 10 PIM Sparse Mode (Premium License) IPv6 RFC 1981 IPv6 Path MTU Discovery RFC 2375 IPv6 Multicast Address Assignments RFC 2460 IPv6 Specification RFC 2464 Transmission of IPv6 over Ethernet Networks RFC 2710 Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) for IPv6 RFC 2925 Definitions of Managed Objects for Remote Ping, Traceroute, and Lookup Operations (Ping only) RFC 3019 MLDv1 MIB RFC 3315 DHCPv6 (client and relay) RFC 3484 Default Address Selection for IPv6 RFC 3587 IPv6 Global Unicast Address Format RFC 3596 DNS Extension for IPv6 RFC 3810 MLDv2 (host joins only) RFC 4022 MIB for TCP RFC 4113 MIB for UDP RFC 4251 SSHv6 Architecture RFC 4252 SSHv6 Authentication RFC 4253 SSHv6 Transport Layer RFC 4254 SSHv6 Connection RFC 4291 IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture RFC 4293 MIB for IP RFC 4294 IPv6 Node Requirements RFC 4419 Key Exchange for SSH RFC 4443 ICMPv6 RFC 4541 IGMP amp; MLD Snooping Switch RFC 4861 IPv