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Zyxel USG1900 UTM BUNDLE, Security UTM solution: Firewall, VPN: 2000x IPSec/ 750x SSL (250 default ), 8x 1Gbps (LAN/DMZ/WAN), 2x U

Zyxel USG1900 UTM BUNDLE, Security UTM solution: Firewall...
130207 Kč
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Routery bezdrát
Dostupnost: Nedostupné
Part no.: USG1900-EU0102F
Kód produktu: 25937627
Výrobce: ZyXEL
Záruka: 60 měsíců
Kalkulačka splátek CETELEM
Kup teď 13021,- Později 10 splátek
Popis produktu: Security UTM solution: Firewall, VPN: 2000x IPSec/ 750x SSL (250 default ), 8x 1Gbps (LAN/DMZ/WAN), 2x USB, Wireless Controller for up to 66 (2 default) WAC6xxx/NWA3000-N/5000-N series of APs, included 1-year licenses of IDP, Antivir (Kaspersky), Antispam (Cyren), Content Filtering (Cyren)

Robust anti-malware protection for medium- to large-sized businesses
USG USG Extreme Series is designed to meet the high-availability security and consolidated policy enforcement demands of today’s larger-scale enterprises.

Powerful, Robust and Always-Online
ZyXEL USG Extreme Series delivers high-access quality to help businesses satisfy the demand for always-online communications. For internal deployments, the USG Extreme Series provides active-passive High-Availability (HA) service to support device or connection failover. With Device HA Pro service, the USG Extreme Series also supports Smart failover, so connections are always maintained when a failover event occurs. For external deployments, the USG Extreme Series features multi-WAN load balancing/failover and a comprehensive mobile broadband USB modem support list for WAN backup operations. The Extreme Series also supports IPSec load balancing and failover, providing additional resilience for mission-critical VPN failover with VTI Interface deployments.

Impregnable Protection and Optimization
ZyXEL USG Extreme Series thoroughly protects networks with industry-leading firewall, Anti-Malware/Virus, Anti-spam, Content Filtering, IDP, and Application Intelligence functionality. Regulate unauthorized use of Web applications over your network, such as Facebook, Google apps, and Netflix, among others. ZyXEL security measures are enhanced with SSL Inspection, blocking threats hidden in SSL-encrypted connections while facilitating deeper policy enforcement. Furthermore, newly improved Content Filtering 2.0 enhances HTTPS Domain Filter, Browser SafeSearch, and Geo IP Blocking for an array of security enhancements to ensure clean Web connections.

Protection and optimization
Best TCO for Access Expansion
People expect network access regardless of time or location. As a result, hotspots are in demand in an ever-expanding assortment of locations. The ZyXEL USG Extreme Series integrated with ZyXEL AP Controller technology enables users to manage up to 66 APs from a centralized user interface. In addition, ZyXEL Hotspot Management delivers a unified solution for business networks with user-friendly tools like Billing System, Walled Garden, Multiple Authentication, 3rd Party Social Login and User Agreement. With ZyXEL USG Extreme Series, businesses can now deploy or expand a managed Wi-Fi network with minimal effort.

Best TCO for Wi-Fi Expansion
Swift and Secure Firmware Upgrades
Locating firmware updates - not to mention identifying correct versions for your device and managing their installation - can be a complex and confusing ordeal. The ZyXEL USG Series solves this with its new Cloud Helper service. Cloud Helper provides a simple step to look for up-to-date firmware information. New firmware is immediately made available upon release from our official database to ensure its authenticity and reliability.

Swift and Secure Firmware Upgrades
ZyXEL One Network experience
Aiming for relieving our customers from repetitive operations of deploying and managing a network, ZyXEL One Network is designed to simplify the configuration, management, and troubleshooting, allowing our customers to focus on the business priorities.

ZyXEL One Network presents an easy-to-use tool, ZyXEL One Network Utility (ZON Utility) , to realize speed network setup. ZyXEL Smart Connect allows ZyXEL networking equipment to be aware and recognize each other and further facilitating the network maintenance via one-click remote functions such as factory reset or power cycling. ZyXEL One Network redefines the network integration across multiple networking products from switch to Wi-Fi AP and to Gateway.

Safe and Scheduled Web Browsing
Stay Secure and Up-to-Date with
ZyXEL provides frequent and timely updates in response to the latest security threats and advisories through - our free online service portal. offers informative network security resources and the know-how to assist businesses and IT administrators in keeping their network operations safe in the digital age. Information and resources can be found with one click via the GUI of ZyXEL USG Extreme and ZyWALL series products. IT staff can quickly and easily catch up on the latest threats, and then proceed to walkthroughs and troubleshooting protocols with the help of easy-to-follow FAQs - all provided to help users secure their networks and simplify management of our UTM products.