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Aten 0U 32A 24 PORT ECO PDU 230V(TUV) IEC60309 32A

Aten 0U 32A 24 PORT ECO PDU 230V(TUV) IEC60309 32A
26619 Kč
21999 Kč bez DPH
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Příslušenství - Přepěťové ochrany
Dostupnost: Nedostupné
Part no.: PE8216G-AX-G
Kód produktu: 17494985
Výrobce: ATEN
Váha: 3,88
Záruka: 23 měsíců
Kalkulačka splátek CETELEM
Kup teď 2662,- Později 10 splátek
Popis produktu: měřené, spínané pdu
typ připojení IEC 60320 C20 , délka kabelu 1,6m
zásuvky 14 x IEC320 C13 + 2 x IEC320 C19

As part of its NRGence line, ATEN has developed a new generation of green energy power distribution units (eco PDUs) to effectively increase the efficiency of data center power usage. The NRGence PE8216 eco PDUs are intelligent PDUs that contain 16 AC outlets and are available in various IEC socket configurations. Models in the advanced PE8 ranges feature NRGence´s proactive overload protection, which automatically powers off the last outlet that caused the current overload.

NRGence eco PDUs provide secure, centralized, intelligent, power management (power on, off, cycle) of data center IT equipment (servers, storage systems, KVM switches, network devices, serial data devices, etc.), as well as the ability to monitor the center´s health environment via sensors.

NRGence eco PDUs offer remote power control combined with real-time power measurement — allowing you to control and monitor the power status of devices attached to the PDUs, either at the PDU device, bank, or outlet level, depending on the model, from practically any location via a TCP/IP connection.

The power status of each outlet can be set individually, allowing users to switch each device On/Off. The eco PDU also offers comprehensive power analysis reports which can separate departments and locations, providing precise measurements of current, voltage, power and watt-hour in a real-time display. Installation and operation is fast and easy: plugging cables into their appropriate ports and user-friendly browser-based configuration and management is all that is entailed. Since the eco PDU firmware is upgradeable over the Net, you can stay current with the latest functionality improvements simply by downloading updates from our website as they become available.

NRGence eco PDU supports any 3rd party V3 SNMP Manager Software and NRGence eco Sensors (eco PDU Manager Software). eco Sensors provides you with an easy method for managing multiple devices, offering an intuitive and user-friendly Graphical User Interface that allows you to configure a PDU device and monitor power status of the equipment connected to it.

With its advanced security features and ease of operation, the eco PDU is the most convenient, most reliable, and most cost effective way to remotely manage power access for multiple computer installations and allocate power resources in the most efficient way possible.

Package Contents

1x PE8216 eco PDU
1x Power Cord
1x Rack Mount Kit
1x CD-ROM (Manual, eco Sensors Software)
1x User Instructions



¦ Support 10/100Mbit Ethernet Interface
¦ Support TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, DHCP, SMTP, NTP, DNS, Auto Sense, Ping, SNMP V1,V2V3
¦ Support 2-level account/password security, IP/MAC filter, 128 bit SSL, RADIOUS
¦ Support : eco Sensors, Browser ( IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari )

¦ Metering

¦ PDU and outlet level power metering and monitoring
¦ Environment monitoring — supports external temperature/temperature humidity sensors for rack temperature and humidity monitoring
¦ Current, voltage, power, power dissipation, temperature, and humidity metering and threshold level setting
¦ Support door sensor

¦ Outlet Switch Control

¦ Remote power outlet control (On/Off, Power Cycle) by individual outlets and outlet groups
¦ Outlet group support at the PDU
¦ Supports multiple power control methods — Wake on LAN, System After AC Back, Kill the Power
¦ Power-On sequencing — users can set the power-on sequence and delay time for each outlet to allow equipment to be powered on in the correct order
¦ Proactive overload protection(POP) — automatically powers off the last outlet that caused the current overload


Nominal Input Voltage 100 – 240 VAC
Maximum Input Current 16A Max
Input Frequency 50-60 Hz
Input Connection IEC 60320 C20
Input Power 3680 VA(Max)

Outlet Type
Total: 14 x IEC320 C13 + 2 x IEC320 C19
Bank1-1: Outlet 1 – 8; 7 x C13 + 1 x C19
Bank1-2: Outlet 9 – 16; 7 x C13 + 1 x C19

Nominal Output Voltage 100 – 240 VAC

Maximum Output Current (Outlet)
C13: 10A (Max)
C19: 16A (Max); TUV De-rated 15A(Max)

Maximum Output Current (Bank) 16A(Max); TUV De-rated 15A(Max)
Maximum Output Current (Total) 16A(Max); TUV De-rated 15A(Max)
Breakers 1 x 16A Non-Fuse breaker
Outlet Switching Yes
Environment Sensor Ports 4

Metering Accuracy

Voltage Range: 100VAC ~ 250VAC +/-1%
Power Range: 100W ~ Maximum Capacity +/- 2%
Current Range: 0.1A~1A +/- 0.1A, 1A~20A +/-1%

Physical Properties

Dimensions (L x W x H)
132.48 x 6.60 x 4.40 cm
(52.16 x 2.6 x 1.73 in.)

Weight 3.88 kg ( 8.55 lb )
Power Cord Length 1.6 m


Temperature (Operating / Storage) 0 – 40°C / -20 – 60°C
Humidity (Operating Storage) 0 – 80% RH, Non-Condensing


EMC Verification CE, Others by Request
Safety Verification CE-LVD, Others by Request